Enhance Your Smartphone Screen’s Design with Round Corners

Have you always wanted your Android phone’s screen to have round corners? Well, you should certainly look no further than the aptly named app, Round Corners. In fact, its direct no-nonsense name actually speaks volumes about the truly convenient way in which it fulfills its primary purpose: giving your smartphone’s screen the round corners that actually fits its innate interior and exterior design.

However, the app actually goes even further than fulfilling the said function. This is because it also offers plenty of customization options. For one, it actually lets you choose from a variety of designs to incorporate into your Android phone’s screen.

So, in essence, it’s really not appropriate to assume that it only makes your screen’s edges round. The designs range from simple geometric lines to more intricate ones that also have their own unique colors and general aesthetics. It includes up to 40 of these designs so you’d certainly have something that would suit your particular taste and preference.

Much like other apps with a similar capability, Round Corners also lets you change the size of the curvature of the 4 corners of your screen. It also lets you adjust the opacity of the design of your choosing. All of these can be set with a convenient slider as well. Interestingly, the app also lets you choose the corners that you want to apply your chosen design on. You only need to slide left or right to enable it for the top and bottom corners of your screen.

The app also allows you to change your corners while you are using a specific app (again, you can disable or enable it with a slider). And, you also have the option to apply it on Below the Status Bar and Above the Navigation Bar. Almost any kind of app that you have installed is supported by Round Corners.

If we are going to compare it to other personalization apps of its kind, Round Corners certainly stands out with its unique choices of phone screen edge designs for its users. The ability to choose the specific corners that you want to customize is another stand-out feature, which really serves to highlight the uniqueness of the app as a whole. The support that it offers for other apps is also something that is worth highlighting and really serves to make its versatility stand out. Lastly, take note that the app requires accessibility permissions in order for all its features to take effect.

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