Gif Live Wallpapers: Customize Hundreds of Animated Wallpapers with Your Own Gifs to Make Your Smartphone Stand Out More

Having wallpaper that’s cool and is such a delight to the eyes is amazing enough as it is. What more if it’s actually animated? Imagine a hand seemingly conjuring fire from out of nowhere, with the flames flickering and curling delightfully before your eyes. How about something more peaceful, like the view of water gushing downstream on an equally serene-looking river? These are but some of the live gif wallpapers that you can have with the Gif Live Wallpapers app.

Once you start the app, you’ll immediately be able to start browsing for the animated wallpaper that you like. The app has numerous categories that not only provides much-needed organization but also makes browsing convenient. You can bring up the main menu of the app by tap-holding the left portion of the interface and making a dragging motion to the right.

Here you’ll see that the app has up to six main categories (Fire and Flame, It’s Raining, Best of Nature, Mix of Fun, Water With Flow, and Summer). Once you tap on one, you’ll see that each wallpaper is further subdivided based on its them. As for the wallpaper selection interface, you’ll see that all selections have adequate previews (accompanies by their exact file size) for your ready reference.

You may favorite each one by tapping on the Heart symbol. By tapping on a wallpaper, you’ll see just how it would look once you set it up as the official wallpaper for your phone. Once you’ve seen something that’s to your liking, you may now proceed to download it so it can be used as a wallpaper.

You are free to change the layout of wallpaper (horizontal or vertical options are available) to suit your tastes. As far as power-saving goes, the wallpapers actually don’t eat up a lot of power as the animation promptly stops every time your phone is not in use or is locked.

It can be argued that there are a multitude of apps that already have features that are similar to this app. Nonetheless, what really makes it very unique is that it actually allows you to upload your own GIF files, which you can then proceed to seamlessly integrate into your phone as a wallpaper.

This is something that not a lot gif wallpaper apps don’t have, making this app preferable if you have always wanted to do this That being said, this app is certainly a step ahead of the rest, as this feature catapults the value of this app as far as personalization is concerned.

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