Make Your Lockscreen Look Amazing With Bunny Theme Go Locker

All of us access the lockscreen in our Android phones many times a day. We all love to personalize it according to our requirements and desire. Customizing the lockscreen is not only fun but also an interesting activity. There are so many elegant and attractive lockscreens available in the market that provide more features than just unlocking the device.

Silverfox Designs has many beautiful lockscreen theme apps in its collection. Bunny Theme for Go Locker is one such theme that provides a stylish bunny on the lock screen of your Android Phone. This Android lockscreen application gives you a simple and clean looking pink colored theme.

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This theme uses the ring mechanism to unlock the screen. You’ve got to drag the ring and there is also some help text available to guide you when you hold the ring under your fingertip. The theme provides quick shortcuts to the call log and messages. The hot keys for the shortcuts allow you to access directly the respective features with a single click. These shortcuts also notify you of the missed calls or unread messages.

Another impressive feature of this theme is you can see the battery levels rising while the phone is being charged, directly from the lock screen. The battery level is indicated with a battery logo including percentage. The theme also displays the time and date in large fonts (date and time can be customized in settings). You can also personalize the lockscreen to have a pin for additional security.

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This application is very easy to use in your Android device. Initially you have to install two free Android apps named Go Launcher EX V2.58 and Go Locker V1.0 in your device. Then you can download and install the Bunny Theme for Go Locker. Some basic settings inside Go Locker have to be changed for the theme to work.

The visual elements in the theme are fabulously designed. You can have very smooth and fast navigation to the features of your Android phone through this app. Moreover, this app does not consume much of the phone’s resources. The cost of the app is $1.56 and it requires an Android version of 1.6 and above.

Rating: 4.1/ 5

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