MyPostcard Greeting Cards: The Only Resource You’ll Need for Creating Postcards for Numerous Occasions

The act of sending postcards to our friends and loved ones is a long-stodern times when a tweet or Facebook post could also be used to fulfill the same purpose. There’s just apparently something so unique about postcards that people can’t help but create them. It’s evident that the developers of MyPostcard Greeting is well-aware of thisanding tradition that a lot of people still practice even in these m as well, which is why they’ve opted to create an app that lets them create thousands of variations of postcards straight from their mobile devices.

Proof enough of this is the number of categories that users can choose from when creating their respective cards. From different kinds of events and holidays (like Hanukah, Christmas, Easter, etc.) to cards that are about love or friendship, you can expect to have plenty of design templates and postcard styles to choose from when making your greeting card. Every design is unique and is sure to fit anyone’s particular anesthetic preferences. In fact, the selection for each category is just so vast that the app has taken the liberty to include tabs that takes you directly to a list of either Bestsellers or Top Cards at present.

A noteworthy feature is the inclusion of a feed feature (when you go to the Design interface of the app), which offers random designs for you. You can easily modify the kinds of styles that appear in your feed by inputting your interests (you can select up to 5). Once you pick a specific design, you can readily personalize it so it would appear more unique to the sender. You can choose the format, either a postcard or a folding card.

Once you choose a specific design, you can now upload your photo (you can also choose not to attach a personal photo if you want), select and personalize the frame, then type in your greeting text and other pertinent information. With the card done and ready, know that the app also offers the service of getting your postcard or greeting card printed and shipped to any location worldwide for a small fee. The app is not limited to sending postcards and greeting cards, though, for it also has the ability to make photo prints with various sizes to choose from, and these too can be sent anywhere you like. Take note that photo prints cost a lot higher, though. You can also use it send gift cards to any country in the world. 

MyPostcard Greeting Cards is obviously a one-of-a-kind app, especially if we’re going to consider the depth of its content, its vast collection of designs that you’d undoubtedly find nowhere else and its printing and shipping service. It allows anyone to send design templates and create postcards in a jiffy, which only serves to make it a truly convenient and nifty app to have if you are consistently sending postcards to your loved ones and acquaintances. You can do all of these without having to put up with the usual hassles of creating and mailing postcards.

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