Santa Live Wallpapers: Bring the Vibrant Spirit of Christmas Straight into Your Smartphone

There’s always a point in every year when Christmas would be just around the corner, and everyone can’t help but be seized and imbued with compassion and good spirits by the Season of Giving. Exhilarated by these wonderful feelings, we take the time to prepare for that much-awaited day when we share our gifts with each other. After all, what better way to immerse yourself in the spirit of the Holidays than to surround yourself with its familiar symbols and tropes (whether it’s Santa Claus and his elves, Christmas trees, etc.)

You can start spreading the Christmas cheer starting with your phone. For one, do you like using animated wallpapers on your Smartphone? Than with Santa Live Wallpapers, you can expect to get a collection of magnificently designed Christmas-Chemed animated wallpapers to further celebrate the season to be jolly. To say that their selections are vast could prove to be an understatement as they are also further subdivided into further subcategories. There are as much as 50 live wallpapers, as of this writing.

Once you launch the app, you are immediately taken to the window where you can browse through the live wallpapers that the app has to offer. Each subcategory has its own tab and serves to organize the wallpapers into various familiar Christmas symbols like Christmas Trees, Santa Claus, and Christmas (and even New Year) text greetings, all of which are animated.

In each tab, the selections are all given a nifty preview of how they look as well as their respective animation. To view each one in greater detail, you only need to tap on the one you like and the app would automatically proceed to download it for you In the viewing interface, you can readily set the animated image as your wallpaper by tapping on the button in the lower-right portion of the screen.

The design of the wallpapers are exquisite and some even have an old-time touch that makes you think of Christmas as it was celebrated years ago. Some even depict snow-laden towns and landscapes that only ever conjure the quintessential image of winter wonderlands. Others are more modern, especially the ones with Christmas lights that spiral and zoom upwards, while others blink rapidly like a fantastical cacophony of a thousand pixies. What’s certain is that these animated wallpapers would surely immerse you better in the best time of the year.

These details as well as the unique images that it offers are what evidently make the Santa Live Wallpapers a very different app from other apps that deal with the same theme and features. The selections are timeless and classical depictions of Christmas that should certainly be kept alive for the benefit of posterity.

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