Simple Text Widget: Add Texts and Quotes to Your Phone for Better Personalization

Being able to add text widgets allows you greater freedom when it comes to customizing your main screen, thus giving you more opportunities to personalize your smartphone as a whole by scribbling texts, thoughts, and feelings via your phone’s background. With Simple Text Widgets, you’d be able to just that, which is why if you’re the type of user who wants to beautify your phone (and day) by always being to easily read inspirational messages every day, then this app is certainly worth adding to your collection.

It’s practically a breeze to use the app, as adding texts is no different from adding widgets to your home screen. Once it has been added, you only need to tap on the text widget to type your text and do customizations on it For instance, you can actually make the background of the entire text widget transparent so it would not block your original background and reveal only your text set against the former’s design.

You would even be able to set a specific action (launch an app or any other feature of your smartphone) once you tap on the text widget. This sets up a lot of opportunities for you to relay messages to your loved ones in a completely different way as well.

As for selecting the fonts for your texts, know that you will never run out of options to choose from when it comes to the font types, colors, and sizes you can use. There are exclusive ones that appear to be made and designed by the app developers themselves. The app integrates the standard expansive color spectrum for font colors as well so you can expect plenty of opportunities to experiment on colors that suit your chosen background.

You would easily learn more about this once you give the app a try. Other features include being able to disable on click, a comprehensive history of texts you’ve made, as well as user-friendly navigation when handling numerous widgets. Lastly, you may even name the widget any way you like.

With its specialized functionality, Simple Text Widget is able to set itself apart easily from other apps of its kind. It also offers highly unique and exquisite fonts that can’t be found elsewhere, making it surely worth downloading and installing. Of course, its convenient functionalities are worth noting as well It knows what style is the best for various background screens users may have, and this fact alone speaks a lot about the value of the app.

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