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Enjoy Your Journey with GPS Map Camera!

GPS Map Camera is an interesting app which will cater mostly to those who are traveling and would like to know exactly where they are after taking one or more pictures of their current location. When using it though, people need to enable the GPS satellite options and wireless network. Given the app is launched after the previous mentioned services are started, the app will show people a map after the GPS auto locate and based on the photo they took, it will be placed on the exact point on the map where they are located. What a great feature!

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As default, the color of the function string is white and when people will decide to change to another function, the color will change to grouped color. When taking a picture, the picture will have the address name and Google map pasted, including information like longitude and latitude.

There are functions that will generally be grouped with the same color. The good news is that they can be changed based on the following groups depending on the type of phone the individual is using:

* Sound
* Flash
* Map size, Map zoom scale, GPS picture save, GPS use
* ISO, Color effect, White balance, Exposure and Scene
* Picture quality and picture size
* Antibanding
* Focus mode

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Functions like zoom and focus using this app can be accessed by using 2 fingers in order to zoom out and zoom in and using one finger to touch the screen in what regards getting the right focus. There are also some longer waiting times for those who don’t use an Android version equal to version 3.0, so it’s best to be prepared with a little patience.

With that being said, GPS Map Camera is one amazing android app that will always allow travelers to know exactly where they are and eventually remember their journey in great detail.


Rating: 4/5

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