Funny Face Changer & Editor+ App Review

Make Wacky Transformations to You & Your Friend’s Photos

We have just about the same inclination to beautify our photos as to make fun of them. Most of us are not without a sense of self-deprecating humor after all. But, if we can’t dare ourselves to use our own (let’s admit that this is almost always the case), we use our friends’ or a well-known celebrity’s instead. Indeed, such is the popularity of this type of practical joke that apps (called face changer apps) have been designed specifically for it. Funny Face Changer & Editor+ is one such app.

Android App - Funny Face Changer & Editor+

Once the app has been launched, the users will automatically be taken to the main menu, which consists of two options to choose from: the ‘Camera’ button and the ‘Gallery’ button. Tapping ‘Camera’ will immediately activate your phone’s built-in camera so you can take a photo of yourself, which you can then readily edit on the app afterwards. If you want to upload an already saved photo from your SD card, though, then you’d have to opt for ‘Gallery’ instead. There’s no need to worry about the photo’s quality since the app supports numerous resolutions.

The app also boasts of having a plethora of stickers to choose from. Once you have chosen a specific object, the app makes use of drag and drop technology to allow the user to easily adjust the size and position of the sticker, making it easy for him to do modifications on any picture regardless of facial size and angle. What makes things is better is that the app allows you to place more than one sticker on your chosen photo, so you would never really run out of funny combinations to discover and choose from.

After you are finished with your undoubtedly amusing tweaks, you can then proceed to save your hilarious creation on your SD card or share it with your friends on most social networks and share a laugh or two with them in the process. While the latter can only be done with an internet connection, know that the app’s photo editing and saving feature can be utilized without connecting to the Net.

A free funny app!

Since App Appa, this app’s developer, is known for designing apps with straightforward features and simplified designs, this very trademark is what serves to make Funny Face Changer & Editor+ different from other face changer apps available in the Play Store. Its collection of funny facial stickers are more cartoonish as well and genuinely funny. After all, since when has the superimposition of Groucho glasses, which is just one of the many stickers that this app employs, on the photos of the young and old alike ever failed to tickle our funny bones?

Price: Free

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Overall Score 4.1

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