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Group Slide Show: Share Your Pictures to Your Friends Wherever in the World

Sharing photos and video became much easier today with the availability of portable devices and internet connection. Numerous mobile apps are now designed to serve as great platforms for these photos. They have easy to use interface that makes photos available immediately. Group Slide Show is a celebrated app that allows people to share photos effectively and efficiently.

Photo Slider App for Android


App Overview:

This Android app is one of the many apps designed for photosharing and access. With a file size of 2.3 MB, this application works with Android 2.2 and later and available in 1.30 version. It is also simple to use, allowing people to enjoy photo browsing.


Group Slide Show lets you experience the following features, which is beneficial if you are a shutterbug or if you just love sharing memories with friends.

• Simple Photo Sharing solution – The app allows you to share your photos right on your device. Everyone can be your guests in accessing your photos. Being in the same location is unnecessary as your guests can see your photos wherever they are in the world. While it allows people to view photos anonymously, you can control whether anonymous guests will have access to your photos.

• Share Photos Real Time – People today want instant solutions. Group Slide Show lets you share photos in real time. Guests will immediately see the shared pictures in organized tiles. Display the photos according to your preferences and let your guests take pleasure on the photos.

• Improved User Interface – Upon launching, this Android app highlighted its easy to navigate interface. However, the latest updates applied on the app let users to scroll photos with ease after its improved performance. Faster scrolling means allowing better ease of use for everyone.


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• Dual Access Option – Guests have an option whether to view photos through the Group Slide Show website or through their Android devices. People will find it more convenient to access photos.

• Free Access – Users, both hosts and guests, can sign up to use the device and start sharing pictures. This is a good treat for everyone who loves portable devices and taking pictures.

• Use a High-Ranking Mobile App – This Android app lines up as one of the high-ranking apps in PlayStore. Using this solution means that you have a highly reliable app.

Group Slide Show is a great app to use if you love taking photos and sharing them with your friends. Get the best out of this app and connect instantly with your guests.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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