How CamerLender is turning the World into Your Studio!

CamerLender App Concept:

In the award-winning 2008 Batman movie The Dark Knight, the film’s protagonist gets hold of a system that can tap into mobile phones around the city to remotely view visual information in real-time. CamerLender brings science fiction to the palm of your hands, providing a platform that allows you to tap into images or videos via the cameras of others around the world.

Using the crowd-sourcing technology, CamerLender creates a network of lenses across the planet out of the global set of mobile phone cameras and legally gives you a seat in the surveillance room of that network. Whether you’d like to get recent pictures of a hotel in Tokyo or shots of a beautiful beach in Croatia, CamerLender gives you a peek of any place on the planet.


Features of CamerLender:

This revolutionary app is available on Google Play Store and has the following features:

  • Free sign-up virtual tokens (“vTok”) to get you started which breaks down to 5000 and 2500 units for the maiden 100 and 1000 users respectively.
  • For those who have a real necessity to shoot particular object for them, shooters (“workers”) may be motivated with REAL money rewards either via PayPal (USD or EUR) or via Crypto (BTC, LTC, and ETH). Every user is free to decide which money he/she wants to spend to motivate others, and for which amount of money they ready to serve requesters!
  • The current app version is FREE in the sense that it does NOT take any fraction of the user’s money: all 100% payments go directly from a requester to a worker.
  • A highly accurate GPS functionality with precise locations providing similar technology to Google Street View. The App checks if a shooter really appears at the requested GPS location, and when taking photos, the shooter will be guided live on the camera direction and orientation needed.
  • Colored pins ranging from blue to purple to depict the status of the tasks.
  • Ability to share new requests (“tasks”) via email and any preferred social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc.).
  • High definition image quality to ensure crystal-clear files for requesters.
  • A helpful app guide that teaches you the ropes.



How CamerLender works


Making a task begins with the requester detailing the nature of the video or photo after which it appears on a global map as a colored pin. This map outlines tasks around the world, and the color of the marker indicates the status of the request at hand. Those the other end of the job take up the obligation and submit the files according to the client’s preference, such as weather, location, or time. If the requester is satisfied with the work, he or she issues a reward which can be virtual tokens, PayPal cash, or cryptocurrency funds. If the requester is not satisfied with the delivered media, the task goes back to the queue for another attempt.


Why it is unlike other apps of its kind

CamerLender takes the least trodden path, combining the highest caliber of GPS technology with an ever-growing worker-base that’s spread out across the majority of the planet. From the Americas to the “Land down under,” you can create a task at any place on the globe. This expansive network plus the top-notch GPS positioning is quite unrivaled and is the primary reason CamerLender is winning plaudits everywhere.


Akin to a 24/7 digital convenience store, this application proves a necessary addition if you’d like to get professional images and videos straight from the horse’s mouth. A picture is worth a thousand words, and you can ensure you don’t settle for anything less than perfect with this revolutionary application that turns the world into your personal studio! Be sure to give it a try today!




Actual on-demand photos/videos searching for a house over a large suburb area. When searching over a large suburb area, you will spend much more time and money visiting all houses personally. It will be faster and cheaper just to request photo sets of the area there and pay a little motivation.


Actual conditions in a hotel, on-demand video coverage of trips to far/special areas. It may happen that a hotel which you visited years ago, is under renovation this year, or its internal or external conditions got deteriorated for various reasons.


An urgent and reward-motivated media coverage of important events requested by news agencies. CamerLender will take care to assign a known reward and to contract transfer of intellectual property of a photo/video between an on-site event observer and a remote news agency which orders and gets this media.


Views INSIDE BUILDINGS or in PEDESTRIAN zones (where Google Street View CARS can not enter):

conditions around an office/shop inside a mall, which is a view from a particular floor/window, etc. Small business owners looking to rent an office/shop area or people looking for an apartment will benefit from this.



Price:  Free


Download from Android Market


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