How Old Are You?: See If This App Can Accurately Guess Your Age!

As much as we hate to admit, Father Time catches up with all of us. While there are many people who work hard and rely on every means possible to preserve their youthful looks and vigor, our general appearance and manner almost always belie how old we really are. 

It is a proven fact that most people, especially those of us who are well past our youth and prime, don’t want to be reminded of how old we are. With this app “How Old Are You?”, though, you might just want to make an exception because of its very interesting and rather riveting concept. This is because it is an app that essentially identifies your age and gender based on your most recent pictures.


This is probably one of the easiest apps to learn to use in Play Store because you only need to provide it with your recent photograph (taken on the spot or uploaded from your phone). Afterwards, tap on the �Detect’ button, which would automatically trigger the app’s detector to start analyzing your face. Once it is finished with its analysis, your supposed gender and age will appear above your framed face. What’s good is that the app works on group pictures as well and is fairly excellent at quickly singling out people’s faces, young and old alike.  


There are only a few apps which share a similar concept with “How Old Are You?”. Its closest relative is arguably “Age Finder Pro”, and their features are pretty much the same. The only noticeable difference are the design and interface, as well as the sharing methods (with “How Old Are You?” you can share your results in popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). As for the accuracy of their guesses, this can only be ascertained by making a thorough testing and comparison of the two apps.

If you’ve been working hard to stay in shape and following helpful tips to keeping yourself as fresh and young-looking as possible, then you should challenge yourself and see if you can “trick” “How Old Are You?” into thinking that you are younger than you seem. Good for you, if the app rated you with a younger age. If the app was way off though, don’t fret! Just comfort yourself with the fact that it’s nothing but a prank app, and just laugh it off with your loved ones. For that is essentially why this app was created in the first place: to serve as a fresh, new way to have fun with family and friends. 

Price:  Free

Rating: 4.6/5

Download from Android Market

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