LightX: Photo-Editing App that Doesn’t Pull A Single Punch Feature-Wise

Photo editor apps are ubiquitous in the Play Store. This is why if such an app were to stand out, it would have to offer nothing less than perfect features that users will find extremely efficient and user-friendly. LightX deserves a special mention because it pretty much exemplifies the said qualities, besides.

From the outset after starting the app, you would immediately be able to choose the photo that you want to edit from the gallery. You only need to tap on the Edit icon on the lower right portion of the screen to start enhancing your chosen image. Since the main functionality of LightX is as a photo editor, you can expect it to deliver nothing less than all the tools you need.

Each enhancement you can do is arranged in a highly organized manner (depicted by icons with their own corresponding labels) and categorized (as Instant, Social, Mixing, Creative, Tools, etc.) as well. Besides the standard filters (from which you can choose numerous filters to apply to your image) that you can see in a lot of other editor apps, LightX also incorporates features that could rival even the most popular graphics editor, Photoshop.

For instance, it allows the addition of text (whose thickness, color, opacity, and font you can freely edit) and transformation actions like cropping, rotating, and flipping. When rotating, you can accurately set the degree of rotation with the built-in slider. These seemingly simple additions which make photo-editing in a mobile setting easier is part of why LightX is fast-becoming one of the most popular graphics editor among mobile users.

It also incorporate fundamental tools such as modification of brightness, contrast, exposure, and saturation, shadows, mid tones, temperature, highlights, as well as editing using curve, color balance, and levels. As for advanced features, you are even allowed to merge photos to create inimitable effects by capitalizing on various kinds of blend modes. Want to change the background of the photo? Then make use of the Lasso tool for easy detection of mirror regions and change the background easily. This also allows you to superimpose the picture that you chose on any kind of background of your choosing.

In fact, the Lasso tool is certainly worthy of being highlighted as it really decreases the complexity of editing similar portions of your image. This way, you’ll be able to introduce the effects solely on those areas. The shape manipulation feature found in only the most advanced photo editors is also included in LightX, as well as the capability to make collages (by using multiple images at the same time), frames (include beautifully themed frames to your photos that could fit any occasion), and stickers (that also have themes which you can add to your image).

Want to introduce your own drawing skills to your image? Know that the app also includes a free doodle brush which pretty much gives you all the liberty to do just that. This is perfect for users who are already experienced in drawing via their mobile device.

LightX, based solely on the comprehensiveness and completeness of its features, is able to outplay any other kind of photo-editing app that could be released in the future. Indeed, its high level of convenience and ease-of-use is worthy of serving as a model for any kind of photo editor app that would be developed in the future.

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