Pic Tools is a new powerful utility app for image processing

While buying a new smartphone, we often prefer to check its camera quality because we are fond of taking lots of photos with our smartphones.

These images also demand more space in device memory so the best idea is to find a solution to reduce the size of these captured photos. Also, it is a fairly common practical experience that there is hardly any picture which is of the apt size and dimensions we need it to be.

Therefore “image-resizing” comes into play. Whenever you want to upload an image on the internet or for any presentation, image-resizing is a necessity these days. Even uploading photos while filling out various online forms requires reducing image size because those photos exceed the size limits.

Unfortunately, there are very few apps in the play store which deals with all these problems. Some just tend not to function well, and others spoil the image quality while processing. Some just don’t keep the image data like location and others don’t provide an option to process multiple images at once. It becomes increasingly complex to work with apps with bad UI and tend to be more problematic than helpful.

Luckily, we have a solution which provides all these tools packed in one lightweight app, PicTools.

PicTools surprisingly manages to provide 6 diversely useful tools with a clean user interface.

This photo resizer app also enables you to boost the memory, protect the original photos and resize your pictures one by one or in a group. It lets you scan for big images and shrink them accordingly with its optimize feature. Another helpful feature is batch crop which lets you crop multiple images at once.

In terms of quality, this app focuses on preserving the quality and you will generally see no or very little visible difference in original and result photos. Many other photo editing tools are also included in these pictures resize app.

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