SayCheese: An App Takes Care of Those Awkward Photo-Taking Moments

Having a good photo taken that includes everyone in the group often requires either really good selfie stick, a tripod, or asking a stranger to take the photo for you. Obviously, any of these scenarios have their own disadvantages, as selfies (or, in this case, groufies) miss out on the best angles while the latter involves handing your smartphone to someone you don’t know personally. With the help of SayCheese, though, all of these hassles can be easily overcome.

This is because this app actually allows you to have strangers take your photos for you direct from their smartphone. It would not be saved in their own device, though, for it would automatically be transferred to your phone right after the photo is taken. How does SayCheese achieve this exactly? Well, the entire procedure is equally uncomplicated and only takes an instant.

If you’re the one who needs to have a photo taken, the app would provide you with a QR code that you only need to show to your photo partner. He uses his smartphone, in turn, to scan the said code. Once this is done, he may now take your picture. The taken picture would promptly be sent to your smartphone (you would be notified by a vibration), leaving no trace whatsoever in the device that it was originally taken. That’s how simple, easy and useful the entire workings of the app is. 

Of course, with this app, you won’t have to give your device to a total stranger just to have them take your photo for you. The app guarantees that the photo taken would not be stored in the device of the person who took it. The app also works in complete synergy with other camera apps, so your partner doesn’t have to use SayCheese just for them to do the procedure outlined above. There are up to 7 different translations of the phrase. Can you take a picture?’ in the app allowing you to easily ask people of different nationalities.

SayCheese is truly a remarkable app, considering its seemingly too specialized functionality. It is one of those apps that you’d want to make room for if you tend to a specific activity frequently (in this case, it’s going on trips and sightseeing). The main purpose that it fulfills is also what makes it a wholly unique app on its own and makes it hard to be compared to other apps that center on taking photos. Any vacationer should certainly consider adding this to their collection of apps that would only make their trip that much more enjoyable and memorable. 

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