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tic tac phOto – Fun Photo Montage with Your Family and Friends

Everybody loves the classics. From games to music, the classic is and will always be in. Why are they called classics? Simply because classics fit into pretty much any era and any context. If your childhood was about playing the classic Atari game, Pong, then you’re definitely someone who’s into a simple yet truly enjoyable piece of pen and paper game called Tic, Tac, Toe! Since you can’t stop reminiscing about the good old days, then it’s about time you bring the memories back in a much modern trend with tac tac phOto.

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What is tic tac phOto?

tic tac phOto is an Android App contrived by Kyle Coburn, the guy who brought you Touch Towers, and Water Balloon War. It falls under the category of photo apps simply for the reason that it is indeed a photo app. But aside from being a photo app, it gets more exciting with how its integrated as a game app, too. In what way? The Tic Tac Toe way! Yes, you read that right. After capturing photos of your favorite scenery or of the family, you can then use them up for a much exciting way of playing tic tac toe.

How Does it Work as a Game?

* Go visit your photo library
* Get to pic 9 pictures of your choices
* Play with an AI or link with a friend
* Put an X or a circle on a photo during your turn.
* Last but not the least, simply enjoy the game!

Its About Your Creativity:

Sometimes, it’s not about playing the game. It’s about what you make out of that game. This app seconds that sentiment. After a nice time playing tic tac phOto with a buddy or an AI, you can save the outcome of the game and use it as a montage of photo collections. In actuality, that is the main purpose of the app – to make photos more memorable to look at by way of creating something meaningful out of them in the most entertaining yet simplest means.

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Share with Friends and Family:

After having a dose of tic tac phOto, what’s the next move to make? Oh yeah, get to share that montage of photos with friends and family via social media. Simply get to click share on Facebook or Twit on Twitter. In a quick moment, all those minutes of laughter and enjoyment are shared on these social media platforms.

Even with the passage of time, memories will always remain through the art of photography. tic tac phOto helps you do that in the most amazing and pleasurable way!

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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