Tollywood Celebrity LookALike – The App That Lets You Know Which Tollywood Actor You Look Like

If you happen to be a fan of Tollywood or the Telugu cinema of India, then you would find this new celebrity lookalike app from Tim Tim a very good app to try.

Concept and Theme

No doubt about it, Tollywood actors and actress have some of the most beautiful and handsome faces in the movie industry. It would be fun to know which Tollywood celebrity you look like the most and the Tollywood Celebrity LookAlike Android app makes this possible. The app was recently released last August 26, 2015 and requires Android 3.0 and up versions for easy download. The said app was developed by Tim Tim who also developed the Who Am I – Personality Test app for Android.


* Pure and effortless fun – if you think you look a lot like a Tollywood actor or actress, then this app would definitely provide you with an effortless fun of proving so. All you have to do is scan your picture, let the app detect which Tollywood actor you look like the most and see your results in no time.

* Easy to operate controls – the Tollywood Celebrity LookAlike app provides users with easy to manage controls. All you have to do is click the icon app to choose the picture that you want to analyze, click the �Detect’ button and wait for the built-in Face Match Detector to see which Tollywood celebrity you look alike the most.

* Social media friendly – let your friends know who you look like by sharing your results on social media. Not only will you make your friends to like your results, they might also be curious enough to try the app.

* It’s free – perhaps one of the best features of the Tollywood Celebrity LookAlike app is that its free for everyone. No need to worry about charges or annoying codes that comes with purchased apps.

Functionality and usability

The Tollywood Celebrity LookAlike app uses a simple interface with easy to manage controls which make it ideal even for first time app users. It’s also very suitable for those who are a great fan of Tollywood. All you have to have is an Android 3.0 version or higher and you’ll be good to go and use the app.



Design and performance

When it comes to the design, the app is somewhat minimalistic. However, it does have colorful icons so users can easily distinguish how each icon is used in the app. This is very ideal for rookies who’d want to try using the app and share how they look compared to a Telugu actor/actress.

All in all, there are other apps available in the market like the Tollywood Celebrity LookAlike app. What makes it different though is that it focuses on Tollywood celebrities. What’s more, the app is also free so even if you’re not a fan of Tollywood, you might try this app and have fun.

Price:  Free

Rating: 4.5/5

Download from Android Market

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