PicSay App Review

This is far most one of the best photography apps that I’ve ever seen. The app is definitely one of the most outstanding photography apps with a lot of additional effects involved. With help extended from the app you could, add text in word balloons or as titles, color, crop images and bring more life into the picture by applying special effects as well.


When talking about graphics, this involves adding stickers to the photos, you could add funny tags on your friends or girlfriends pictures, make funny remarks on your sisters pictures to get her mad at you. More than taking this app in a very serious photography kind of way, think of these wonderful funny things that you could do with it, you know photos do create memories.

I love taking pictures and adding effects to it, they can be funny tags or emotional ones too. They bring relationships one step closer. Sometimes pictures don’t say it all, the emotion dies after a while, but when I write it down in few words, it saves the emotion of the moment in it, which makes me feel the same even when a look at it after a few days. This app brings my memories back to mind just as the day the picture was taken, if not for this app I might have lost the emotions that were combined in the moment when pictures are taken. That’s something that I’m not ready to loose. Use “PicSay” and save your memories with emotions too.

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