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Adaptxt: A Time-Saving Smart Virtual Keyboard

There are many virtual keyboard apps available for Android devices out there in the Android market. Each of the apps has its own features and each developer tries to bring out something new to compete with others. Apps which aim to satisfy users with real good functionality occur once in a while in the market and one such app is ‘Adaptxt Keyboard-beta’.

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This app is an upgrade of the existing Adaptxt Keyboard app. The latest beta version 0.9 of Adaptxt comes with many new exciting features that definitely save a great amount of users’ time.

Here is a little introduction for those who are wondering what the Adaptxt Keyboard app is about. Adaptxt is a good keyboard replacement app with an excellent user-relevant word prediction feature that draw words from a dynamic dictionary. The app has a special feature to learn quickly what the user is likely to type.

Main Features in the Latest version

  • Automatic text replacement
  • Private mode
  • Improvements in suggestion prediction
  • Clutter-free keyboard
  • Options to learn from various social networks including Facebook and Twitter
  • Options to post to social networks
  • Lets users hide keyboard
  • Language packs that include industry-specific packs, which can be downloaded
  • Voice input

One of the features I really liked is the Auto Text Replacement, which lets you define shorthand for the phrases you use a lot. For example, if you often use the phrase ‘Laughing Out Loud’, u can define it as ‘lol’ and the next time u can simply type ‘lol’ and the app will replace it with the expansion for you. Truly a time saving feature!

Another interesting feature is the availability of industry-specific add-ons. There are about 34 such add-ons available in the app which you can download for free for a limited time. Once installed, the app’s prediction engine will suggest technical terms related to that industry, when you type.

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Adaptxt is perfect for international users. It supports nearly 50 languages and removes diacritics and accents from emails for better readability. The latest version also brings in a lot of bug fixes and performance tweaks. Apart from this, there are multiple other improvements that enhance the functionality of the app to a large extent.

But, the word prediction seems to be a bit slow sometimes. Other than this, Adaptxt is really a great time-saving app for anyone who wishes to replace their Android keyboard.

The app is available for free in Google Play and it requires an Android version of 2.1 and above.

Rating: 4.2/ 5

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