Best Phone Transfer App: 2019 SmartIO Premium

Have gone through many ways to shift data from your old phone but not happy with the results? Well, it could be that you’re not using the content transfer app or might not be aware of it. In both cases, all you have to do is just relax as we are going to review the best content transfer app – SmartIO Premium for you.

After reading the 2019 SmartIO Premium review, you will be able to move your data from Android to Android or iPhone to iPhone more quickly than ever.

Basically, SmartIO is a fast content transfer solution that supports all major smartphone platforms including iOS, Android, and others. It is quick, responsive and secure wireless content transfer app powered by Aomata Connectix™ communication platform. SmartIO is a very simple phone transfer app, you just need to scan the QR code and within a few minutes, it efficiently manages the whole content transfer process.

By utilizing hotspot WiFi network, it can seamlessly move photos, Whatsapp chats and more that makes it a hassle-free mobile transfer app. You can easily migrate data in a large amount from your old phone to a new one. This exclusively designed data transfer tool is for mobile and telecom businesses to help them transfer content between devices. However, it is equally helpful for other users to transfer files and backup and export contacts.

Best Phone Transfer Apps: SmartIO Premium Core Features

• Contacts Backup – SmartIO Premium is a trusted & secure tool for your contacts backup on mobile phones & tablets.

• Import iPhone content & data – Smooth iPhone contents import, Line Messenger backup.

• Backup WhatsApp chat – Fast transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Android.

• Data Manager – Manage all files (PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Apps & Text Files).

• Photo Transfer- One of its kind switch the mobile app to backup photos & transfer content in a safe way.

• Videos Transfer- – Backup and transfer videos & apps from old phone to the new phone effortlessly.

• Bulk Data Backup – Simply backup a large data via Bluetooth, WiFi, Hotspot or Cellular networks (3G/4G/LTE).

• User-friendly Interface – SmartIO’s elegant design makes it convenient to transfer contacts, data, files, memos, audios & calendars.

• QR Code – Share files by connecting devices via personalized QR codes.

• Lite Application – This backup assistant doesn’t take much space on your phone and clone mobiles swiftly.

Compatibility & Support:

✓ Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

✓ Audio & Videos transfer from iPhone to Android

✓ Import, move and share contacts from Android to iPhone

✓ Transfer applications from Android to iPhone

✓ Share audio & music backup from Android to Windows Phone

✓ Android 4.0 to latest version, iOS, Windows Phone 8.1 and 10, Blackberry & Java/J2ME featured phones

How to Use SmartIO Premium?

It’s pretty easy to transfer content with SmartIO Premium. By following a few simple steps, you can seamlessly transfer data to a new Android phone.

• Download SmartIO from your respective Google PlayStore or Apple App Store.

• Launch SmartIO on both Sender and Receiver phones.

• Press on either sender or receiver button.

• Choose your connection (Hotspot WiFi).

Note: If you are transferring content from Android to iPhone device, the receiver phone needs to create a personal hotspot. In order to do that, copy the password, press settings, turn off Wi-Fi then enable hotspot with the copied password.

• To connect both devices, scan the QR code, use the sender device camera viewfinder to scan the QR code appearing on the receiver device. Accept the connection request on the receiver device.

• Select the content type from the list you want to send or receive: Contacts, Calendars, Pictures, Videos, Audios, Bookmarks, WhatsApp, Line Messenger & Memos, Applications and Files (PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint & Files).

• Press start transfer button and wait for a while. In case you want to stop, tap the pause button and you can start the process anytime.

• Once the content transfer is done, press the fix button to convert all the data into your device’s compatible format. i.e. Android files into iOS format.

• If you want to save transferred applications on your smartphone, press the install button.

• Congrats! You have done data transfer successfully.

Note: After download and installation, users can transfer a couple of items of each content type for free. However, in-app purchase is required to unlock SmartIO’s full functionality. The business customers can get pricing details & credentials at [email protected]

Price:  Free 

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