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Conserve Precious Energy with the Du Battery Saver Android App

Android phones, I’d say, are really awesome. May it be a Samsung, an LG or Motorola or any other brand of Android-operated phone, the usefulness is really at its best. There’s one thing I hate, however (and I bet many of you would agree to this): the short battery span. On a rather positive note, there are ways that you can increase or preserve that aspect of your Android. A good one would be to take advantage of an app called the Du Battery Saver.

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What is the Du Battery Saver?

It’s basically a free app that is not only aimed, but definitely capable of making your Android’s battery consumption at a low without compromising its operational factors. Its main objective comes very useful to those who have to travel frequently on a day-to-day basis so as to accomplish a variety of essential tasks.

Taking a Closer Look at the Features

Du Battery Saver conserves over 50% of your Android device’s battery life through its smart preset modes, along with a user-friendly line of single-touch controls. Here’s a breakdown of its powerful features:

* Smart Preset Modes: Get to choose the mode that you see fit – General, Long, Sleep or Custom Mode – for battery usage and device performance.

* Accurate Status: This feature enlists all the items that are running and consuming battery, and how much time is left before the battery runs off.

* Anytime Optimize: With a single click, get to shut down all of the apps running on the background so as to prevent wasteful battery consumption.

* One-click Optimization: Get to discover certain realities about your phone’s battery consumption and unlock solutions, particularly settings, that will tailor your phone’s performance to an apt level without using much energy.

* Healthy Charge Manager: Learn ways to conserve battery energy through the details that this feature unravels.

* Intelligent Mode Switch: Let your device handle it simply by scheduling the time of which you want a certain line of settings to be implemented and end daily.

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For the Record:

The app keeps record of all the times you had charged your device. This is to ensure that you are not overcharging so as to avoid battery defects or worst, phone dysfunctionality. It also indicates the three major conditions of your device’s battery: temperature, capacity and voltage.

With the features we have set out, Du Battery Saver meets more than the purpose it comes with. Get everything mapped out and avoid missing those imperative calls again due to rampant energy loss with this FREE android app.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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