DIESEL App Switcher: Bring that Much-Needed Touch of Convenience and Organization When Launching Apps

Have you always wanted your Smart phone’s Home screen to be free of clutter? Oftentimes, apps you install place their shortcuts on any available space in the said screen. This usually leads to disorganization and confusion. Also, wouldn’t it be neat to be able to arrange your apps according to how often you use them? Well, with DIESEL App Switcher, you do just that and plenty of other neat tricks. If you’ve always wanted to give your app shortcut menu a good touch of customization, convenience and organization, then this is the app that’s perfect for it.

With it, you’ll be able to access your recent and most used apps straight from your pull-down notifications instead of the usual Home screen. You can do this by simply opening the app then long tapping the blank icons (with a total of six slots per row) then choosing either from your apps or shortcuts available. Much like any app that modifies the default interface of your phone, you would have to enable accessibility to get the full benefits of the app.

DIESEL App Switcher also throws in the capability to switch quickly between apps (hence its tagline), so you would certainly be able to save plenty of time once all your apps are set up properly. The free version of the app has one row available only and you can unlock the second via an in-app purchase. Even as you are able to choose to from the apps that you want to include, the app also allows the opposite of being able to blacklist the apps that you don’t want or need.

Of course, with such primary features, you can also expect to be able to make plenty of customizations for your app switcher interface. You may freely edit the icon shape, icon size, and icon color for all the shortcuts listed in it, as well as the background, number of apps you wish to show per row. Want more icons to choose from? Know that the app offers support for platforms like Apex and Nova as well. Lastly, you would also be freely given statistics regarding your overall apps usage, which is a nifty bonus to have if you want to keep track of the time you spend using your various apps.

DIESEL App Switcher, compared to other apps of its kind, shines with its main feature of gaining access to your favorite apps via pull-down notifications, its allowing you to personalize the shortcuts, as well as the ease of usage and simpler interface that it incorporates. This is certainly an app that succeeds in bringing to its users what they need, making it truly worth recommending for users who utilize their phones for casual use and productivity-boosting purposes.

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