File Expert: Redefining Modern-Day File Management as We Know It

File managers have never been more important than in these modern times when just about all of our important files, programs, and documents come in digital form. Of course, the support that such apps offer for various storage platforms like flash memory, cloud storage, SD cards, and USB are equally important. What’s good is that pretty much all of these are compatible with File Expert, an app that lets you manage your files from multiple mobile devices.

This app works by setting up your PC as a private cloud. You can do this by downloading File Expert’s PC client, installing then registering an account or logging in using your social media accounts. After that, you basically already have a private cloud, and you can begin setting up your shared directory. Now, by getting the app on your mobile device and logging in with the same account, you can easily access the document you’ve chosen to share anytime. It’s pretty much that simple! If you’re worried about security, know that you can set access permissions as well, besides App Lock which allows you to set an unlock pattern for your files.

While accessing from your mobile device, you can manage your directory by creating tabs with a few easy swipes. You can even copy, move, rename, or delete files in a similar fashion. The app readily informs the user on how to perform specific actions like selecting batches of files, selecting one at a time, selecting a range of files, renaming batch files, etc.

If you’re a video or audio stream enthusiast, then you certainly need to check out the app’s streaming capability as well. Yes, it’s very much possible to stream media directly from your cloud, whether it’s a movie, video clip, music, etc. Note that video playing is supported in FTP and SMB, and it comes with a floating window.

Other features that are worth noting include: a Safebox (for better security), file transfer via Bluetooth, wireless printing, a built-in TXT editor LAN support, FTP server for transferring files from PC to Android, rar and zip support, Recycle Bin for easy file recovery, built-in search, Chromecast support, auto backup of APKs when they’ve been installed or uninstalled, to cite a few.

File Expert is surely made starkly different from other file manager apps by its support for and focus on the PC as a main cloud storage platform, which is then well-complemented by allowing users to access its files remotely from their Android device. Its cloud-streaming feature is also one noteworthy feature that a lot of people would undoubtedly love. Of course, its numerous features evidently make it unique as well. Indeed, with the plethora of features said above, it certainly becomes apparent that it’s not for nothing that this app is called the File Expert.

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