Football Widget App for Android Productivity

Football Color Battery Widget: Get Accurate Battery Life the Sporty Way

Battery life is important for any mobile phone or portable device user. While these devices have a battery life indicator, a lot of users still prefer knowing the actual battery life percentage instead of just seeing that the power is running out on the icon. The good thing about Football Color Battery Widget is that, it is a remarkable battery app while being suitable for every football lover.

Football Widget App for Android

This Android app connects football enthusiasts to their favorite sport by using football in indicating the battery life percentage. Developed by Apperture Labs Battery Widget Productivity, Football Color Battery Widget is like breathing color to users’ Android devices while doing its main function as an indicator.

App Features:

Football Color Battery Widget app extends the following features for everyone wishing to try this Android app on his or her device.

• Fully Customizable Color: This app will not be called Football Color for nothing. It has a wide array of color options that let users customize the widget’s football display. Change the hexagon pattern’s colors and other areas based on your preferences and highlight a dash of color at the home screen. If you have a favorite football team, this app also lets you show your love and support for your beloved team and see their color brands on your device.

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Resizable Widget Size according to Your Preference: Whether you are after the conventional-sized or smaller widget, Football Color Battery Widget allows you to customize the widget based on your preference in order to ensure that it will look great on your device.

Personalized Texts: Resize the texts on the app with ease through this app’s platform.

Lightweight App: Football Color Battery Widget is a lightweight program measuring around 500 kb. Once installed, the app will run without affecting your device’s performance.

Easy to Use Interface: User interface is enhanced in order to let you customize the widget without problems. It looks organized and with easy to navigate buttons to guarantee ease of use.

Accurate Battery Life Percentage: Get accurate battery life in percentage displayed through texts embedded on the icon.

Earlier Android OS Version Support: This mobile app supports earlier Android OS. It works on Android OS version 2.2 and up.

Overall, Football Color Battery Widget is a colorful app to use in finding out your device’s battery life. Customize it to ensure you will have a good widget right on your home screen. Download and use it on your Android device to experience its benefits.

Price: $0.81

Rating: 4/5

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