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‘GreenPower free battery saver’ – Have a Longer Battery Life

A smartphone can almost do anything that you need. But what can be done when it runs out of charge? When your device is capable of doing so much, why should it get stuck without energy? What would it be like if you can conserve your mobile’s battery with the help of an app? Yes, with ‘GreenPower free battery saver’ you can bring more hours to your battery’s life.

About the app:

‘GreenPower free battery saver’ is an Android app that helps in sustaining the battery of your mobile. The app belongs to the productivity category in the Google Play store. The app efficiently manages Wi-Fi and mobile data, and checks traffic. You can select any language of your choice as it supports 20 different languages.


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Working of the app:

GreenPower is fully automatic. Once configured, it starts saving the power of your mobile by itself. The main feature of the app is that it indicates the battery status and helps you manage the Wi-Fi and data settings of your phone. You can also check network traffic with this app.

With the ‘Wi-Fi managed’ option of the app, you can manage your phone’s Wi-Fi. This feature provides 10 different settings options. With these options you can enable the location based Wi-Fi settings, specify the Wi-Fi timeout duration, manage Wi-Fi toggling while in flight mode, disable Wi-Fi if the connection signal is too low etc. With the ‘data managed’ option, you can manage the mobile network by turning it ON/OFF based on the durations configured and define what GreenPower should do if the user toggles it manually. You can also select the toggling method to be internal API or APN renaming.

The special feature of GreenPower is its traffic checking settings. In a network, you get the data in the form of packets and they can be of various sizes. Network traffic is the number of packets sent/received. With this feature you can decrease the data traffic threshold or increase the traffic check duration, when the data is cut because of network traffic.


GreenPower Free battery saver


With the day mode settings you can select the duration for which you want your Wi-Fi/data to be ON/OFF. You can also select the display brightness with the day brightness settings.

‘GreenPower free battery saver’ is a very helpful product. It offers great flexibility and saves you the effort of charging your mobile frequently. The day mode and day brightness settings are really cool. But the functioning of the app is quite complex to understand and a tutorial could have been provided. On the whole, the app is fast, easy to use and very efficient.

‘GreenPower free battery saver’ is a free app which requires Android 2.1 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 3.5/5 


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