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Habitifier: Keeping Up with New Year’s Resolutions Effectively

Maintaining New Year’s resolution is not easy and a lot of people can attest to this claim. People often feel unmotivated with their goals and result to letting go of their promise of turning over a new leaf. However, the development of Habitifier made the process of keeping these promises a lot easier than expected.

App Overview:

Developed by TheAppsFarmer, this Android app is available for everyone through the Play Store. Currently, the app is available in its first version after being recently launched.

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Habitifier possesses various features that users will find beneficial in keeping their resolutions like the following:

Set Frequency according to Resolution – This New Year’s resolution app lets users configure the frequency of certain goals for the upcoming year. Users can set a single activity as part of the resolution or some practices done several times a year and make it a habit. Whether you are after to set daily, weekly or monthly goals, you are assured to configure it easily on the app.

Once you are done with your certain habit, you can increase frequencies as added motivational factor and get that sense of accomplishment after staying in your regimen.

Easy to Understand Activity Representation – This app utilizes simple representation codes that make resolutions easier to follow. Frequencies come in sets and reps, which are the same representations used in working out. This makes configuration simpler than the usual. For instance, you want to do a certain activity two times a week, you will have two sets assigned on the app. Allotting several minutes in your day for a habit will be represented as reps.

• Stay on Track with Your Resolution – Other apps are like schedules or to-do list, which are ineffective ways in meeting your resolution. Habitifier, however, offers you with running labels, informing you with how much you have accomplished in your resolution.

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• Affordable App – The app is not free, but it is very affordable and something worth trying if you have been unsuccessful in keeping your resolutions.

• Older Android version Compatibility – This New Year’s resolution app is compatible with Android 1.5 version and up. Individuals who haven’t updated their OS versions can still use this app for the New Year.

• Lightweight App – The app’s size is only 1.3MB, which is easy to download and install in your phone.

Habitifier is undeniably an effective app in keeping you on-track with your resolution. Use this app in turning a new leaf as the New Year comes in.

Price: $0.99
Rating: 4/5

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