Notification Reminder (Quick): Taking Notes and Receiving Reminders Doesn’t Get Any Faster and Easier than This App

Have you always wanted a way for you to note down your ideas, plans and reminders as quickly as possible. Of course, as far as quickness is concerned, the actions that you have to do have to be as minimal as possible, and you only have to pull out your phone and make note of it in a jiffy. Well, if you’re the type of user who wants everything right at your fingertips then you should certainly check out Notification Reminder (Quick).

It hasn’t been appended with the Quick tag line for thing, for that is practically what you can expect to get from this app: lightning-fast notifications that always arrive at precisely the right that you set them to arrive (unless you choose Persistent reminders) and seamless setting of any kind of notification or reminder.

Upon launching the app, you would immediately be taken to the interface where you can set your specific notification. In it, you only have to enter the note’s title, unique icon (there are numerous ones available that would suffice for various purposes), and the actual content of the note. Once you are done inputting the information that you want to include, you can now set how frequently you want the reminder to appear (if you want it to appear on a consistent basis then just check the Persistent checkbox) or set a specific time or date for it to appear by clicking on Schedule.

Take note that in schedule, besides the exact time and date, you may also set whether the notification would not repeat or would appear either every day, week, month or year. All the reminders that you’ve set can be readily viewed by going to the main drop-down menu and choosing Reminders; you’d also be able to view your note history there as well as delete, re-notify, share or update your available notes.

On the other hand, in the General Settings interface, you are allowed to modify and tweak a few of the app’s functionalities. For instance, you could enable the option App Short to Notification so that the app’s shortcut can be launched just by sliding down your notifications. You would also be able to hide the status bar so it won’t appear if a notification arrives.

If Notification Reminder (Quick) would be compared to other notification apps, it is able to set itself apart with the apparent convenient and fast way in which you can set your notifications and reminders. It delivers what it promises in a no-nonsense way, which makes it highly recommended for users who want to keep things as simple and convenient as possible.

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