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oneSafe password manager – Store All You Confidential Information in One Place

It is a fact that we are now living in a digital age wherein we always use passwords, PIN numbers and codes. One of the most usual mistakes that most people commit is to use one password for different applications. However, this can be easily hacked. The best alternative would be to use complex passwords which are frequently difficult to remember.

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Most people have the tendency of forgetting their PIN numbers. Due to our numerous usernames and passwords, we failed to remember them. Now, there is a solution for this, the oneSafe password manager is an Android app that can store all your usernames, passwords and PIN numbers in one safe place.

oneSafe is a password management app that has the capability of storing all your confidential information in a very secure place. This app has an elegant design and it also consists of flexible templates. The user interface is very instinctive and suitable to your iPhone. You can choose to store all your personal data anytime you want.

With oneSafe app, you can easily create, edit or view all the information and managed them effectively. It has ready-made templates which you can use instantly in entering all the necessary information. Don’t worry if you have complicated usernames and passwords because you can simply copy and paste them. For fast access, you can indicate the information as a favorite.

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The password protected archive can let you share your information in a secure way. There are various types of information that you can securely store in oneSafe app including the PIN numbers, entry codes, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, tax information, usernames, passwords and so much more.

oneSafe password manager is an Android app that contains a lot of features. It uses the maximum level of encryption in order to protect you from any potential cyber attacks. Your information will always be protected anytime because it has a backup device and an email function. There are numerous authentication procedures that you can choose from. You can organize all your information with the use of its handy categories. If you would like to obtain a strong password then you can create this with the use of built-in password generator.

oneSafe is an all in one password storage application which provides security, style as well as simplicity. If you want to protect your passwords from any hackers or any wandering eyes who would like to stole your personal data then you should download this app now!

Price: $1.99
Rating: 4/5

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