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Our busy schedules leave most of us struggling to keep up with our day-to-day tasks. We have so many things to do every day, right from the projects we need to complete at work to the things we need to fix at home. And at times, things get messed up in the eleventh hour due to the lack of our organizational skills. To help you keep up with your daily tasks, an Android app named ‘Maniana To Do List’ would be the best choice.

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Maniana To do List is a simple, fun and easy to use app to manage your daily chores. This beautifully styled app makes it easy to manage tasks. This app consists of many features to help you carry out your tasks without any confusion.

The app has a default home screen but you have options to select a screen from the given widgets, according to your taste. The app starts instantly once you click on the logo, unlike other apps that make you wait while the flash screen loads.

Creating a task is quick and easy. You can input a new task through your keyboard or voice. Additionally, you can personalize the fonts according to your desire. When you click on a task, you will get four options like Done, Edit, Lock and Delete. The tasks that are done can be marked by clicking the Done option.

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The to-do tasks can be edited with a single click on the Edit option. If you do not wish to see the tasks daily, you can lock it. You can also mention the lock expiration (weekly, monthly or never) in the settings. An individual task as well as the whole task list can be deleted with a single click. If you have deleted a task by mistake, you have options to undo that operation.

This app has a few other neat features. There is an option to sort tasks automatically which will help you organize your tasks perfectly. You also have options to flag tasks by color.

Maniana To Do List is a great looking app which focuses mainly on simplicity and users gives great control over privacy. You can download this app in your Android device to keep track of what you do. The great features of this app will surely help you keep up with your tasks regularly. Best of all, this is a free and an open source app. It requires Android version of 2.2 and above.

Rating: 4/ 5

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