Paranoia: Block Spies and Other Privacy Intruders Effectively with This App

If there is one privacy security app that is very vigorous when it comes to updating and improving its features, no other app could probably be compared with Paranoia. With its recent updates, it becomes apparent that it’s not for nothing that this app is named as such. It really lives up to its name by providing protection from unwanted elements in a thoroughly secure way as evidenced by its myriad of features.

Once you run the app, it starts to automatically protect your phone in five entirely different ways, as can be noted from its green Shield symbol. It only ever shows that it’s deactivated if the Shield turns red. The aspects of your smartphone that are protected are grouped into various categories like Microphone, SMS, Camera, Mobile data, Wi-fi, and GPS. Every time you choose to lock each of these aspects, it would be highlighted and be secured (as symbolized by a Lock symbol that appears beside it). As for how exactly these locks function, you can easily read about them in the app’s Play Store description.

What this review seeks to focus on is the advent of new updates. For one, in the Wi-fi tab, users will now have the chance to track the status of any wi-fi network that he connects to. This makes it easier for you to pinpoint whether a wi-fi network has been compromised or is actually malicious. The same applies for GPS as well. The app would now send out a notification if a GPS connection is currently being used by an unauthorized entity, especially if it is being used to determine the exact coordinates of your device.

Another nifty feature is the addition of an Event Log. With it, the app is now able to keep a record of all the noteworthy occurrences that it has tracked over a span of time. This allows you to immediately point out suspicious activities that could be addressed in a quicker fashion. It is also now possible to select the modules to be switched by default, and one other improvement that’s worth highlighting is the fact that the app’s power consumption is now lower because it now draws more from your phone’s battery instead.

Paranoia, as said above, is certainly a very proactive security app, and it is this very feature which makes it different from other apps with a similar purpose. Indeed, it’s this gung-ho approach that allows it to address all the latest security issues that mobile users encounter, and without a doubt, this is how most apps of this kind should deal with the ever-changing and ever-adapting issues that spring up from time to time. It’s for this very reason why, if you haven’t got this app yet, now is the best time to consider getting it.

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