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Nowadays, if you’re a webmaster serious in your online endeavors, you always have to be in the know of your site’s and your competitor’s sites’ SEO exploits and status. After all, there’s really no denying the fact that SEO is still a major source of free traffic for most webmasters, regardless of whether they’re using the Internet casually or for business purposes. For better or worse, SEO is here to stay and should never be overlooked. And with Pocket SEO, you can be certain to better manage and plan your site’s SEO campaigns, any time and place.

Though not the official app of Moz, one of the most reputable SEO companies in the world at present, Pocket SEO actually focuses on the said company only. This could be attributed to Moz’s popularity in general as a platform from which webmasters can makes sure that all their up-to-date SEO status are accounted for and tracked.

At present, the primary features of the app include being able to look up the metadata of the site that you choose to enter in the app’s built-in browser. Information that you could get range from HTML metadata like page title and description (with total characters), h1 and h2 tags, page and domain authority, as well as the number of established links. All of these are come from Moz itself via Mozscape.

On the other hand, if you want to get the latest backlink information of the site that you chose to analyze, then you need only to shift to the link metrics tab to get it. Here, you would be provided with all the backlinks that are pointing to your site, with corresponding labels of page authority, domain authority, and “Followed” or “Not Followed”.

What’s good is that the app is also slated to include specialized features from the Mozscape API, such as Moz competitor analysis, Moz top links, and Moz anchor text in the updates to come. This prospect of the incorporation of these powerful tools is bound to make this app one of the best tools that present-day webmasters and online marketers should never be found without.

What’s great about this app is that it’s very easy to use and similar to the company that it favors, only reveals the most important SEO data and metrics that webmasters only ever need to concentrate on in order to get their site to the top page of Google and have it stay there. If it’s going to be compared to other apps that focus on SEO analysis, Pocket SEO certainly shines because of the said aspect.

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