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PrintJinni – Connect Your Smart Device To Different Printers

What do you think about connecting your Android device with a Wi-Fi enabled printer? Sounds great, right? Yes, here is a new Android app called ‘PrintJinni’ which has been developed to take print outs without using third party elements like an intermediate PC, additional software, cables or memory sticks. Let’s have a look at what makes this app special.


What’s the app about?

PrintJinni is a user-friendly app that drastically simplifies the process of printing. You can take as many print outs as you like using your Android device, by connecting it to more than two Wi-Fi enabled printers.

Working of the app:

After installing the app you have to accept the license agreement to proceed further. Register your smart device with the app using your email id to enable PrintJinni. The app is all set now. All you have to do is tap on the document that is to be printed and then select the ‘Print with PrintJinni’ option and a preview will be displayed. Then click the print option; the hard copy of the document is ready now.

Special features of the app:

The app provides you with the essential features, like options to adjust the page size, color and range before printing. PrintJinni allows you to take printouts of photos from social media as well. The most useful feature of the app is that it generates a preview before printing any type of document or photo and this helps you to make changes, if required. There is a special option called ‘Google Cloud Print’ in the app, which can be used to directly take print outs of Google documents after registration.


You can also take hard copies of the attachments in the mail and much more. PrintJinni helps you to browse and print webpages on the go, using the share page option. You can also take printouts from any type of apps like Box.Net, Dropbox, etc. The advantage of PrintJinni is that you can manage all printers, including default printers.

Two types of services are provided by this app – PrintJinni Services using PrintJinni Cloud and PrintJinni Services using Google Cloud Print. You can register with any service using a valid email address.

The PrintJinni free trial is for 30 days, after which you can buy a package according to your requirements. This app requires an Android version of 2.1 or later.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/ 5

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