With the new revolution of Internet of Things, stuff has become easier, smarter and flexible. Be it in work place, school or home, a lot of smart technologies have been developed to do what we could have done faster and better. One special one is the new, smart home app that has surprised many. With just a month in the market, the apps new version has attracted a whooping 50000 downloads that ticks up every second. It has elicited positive response evidenced by the 4star rating it has earned at play store within such a short period.

App Concept

The app operates on the basis that one can have and possibly connect smart devices and services all at once and even automate them for easier living. Cameras, phones, security, calendar, mail and ones preferences are just some of them that the app can interconnect and automate such that; you can be able to take a photo, receive a text, know who just entered through the backdoor, receive an email and remind you to take water at the same time. Stringify believes that we can be able to create impact full solutions at home too.


Stringify app enables you to customize your own theme to suit your personal interest. You can set, remove, edit or change any theme by a click that triggers a series of java scripts that sees to it that your needs are met to your satisfaction.


  • It has sensory and movement recognition-able to tell any abnormal movement and alert the owner
  • It collects data from every of your app, manages them and creates a flow for you to follow
  • Has end to end data-device protection and combines all aspects of speech, language and vision.
  • It connects over 600 smart home products with possibility of addition of more every day.
  • It makes ordinary tasks simple and automatic
  • The automation part offers cool flexibility
  • Reduces energy and cut on its costs
  • It adds, connect and control all your things
  • The automation offers a wide range of triggers that create convenience.

How It Works

The stringify app helps you organize and manage all your favorite apps in one place. You must admit that there is an app for everything these days. Different apps for your banks, bible versions, games, recipes, utility apps etc. one can easily get confused by passwords and all. They also make your phone look bulky and disorganized. Stringify solves all these problems by making it possible to have all of them in one organized place.


It also has another great experience whereby it automates all your smart home devices and creates a flow of them. It syncs them all and guide you through them all provided you have fed it with information. This enables you have peace of mind and have a better quality life yourself, your family and at home.

Price: Free

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