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truBackup – An Android Backup and Restore Application!

Backing up data on a smartphone can be quite a sensitive matter, especially for those who have very important info on it. In this regard comes truBackup which is an android app that will help everyone having data that needs to be preserved and backed up fast, properly and securely. Below people can read more about this amazing app, how it works and what it offers.


Flexible Storage Media:

Any Android phone user will find that using this app is extremely simple and they will be able to backup all of their data on an SDCARD or if they have one, they can back it up directly on their DropBox account. Even better, users can also create a separate DropBox account specifically for their phone, so this way they know exactly where and what data that specific account contains.

Incremental Backup:

There are also people who have content that always changes and needs to be backed up regularly because of that. Regardless if it’s a new version of the app people are using, updated or new contacts, truBackup will immediately detect any changes made to the app and backup all data accordingly.

Scheduled Backups:

Scheduled backups can also be considered, which means that people will be able to backup data from their smartphone at certain time intervals. Backup intervals can be selected to any specific hour or day in a week or month, which makes truBackup a very flexible backup app to begin with.


Multiple Devices:

Even better, the app can also be used for backing up multiple devices within one main DropBox account. This means that individuals will be able to easily browse the content of their preferred device, choose what content they want to back up and then do so with ease.

Last but not least, people need to know that this is a free app, but for a limited period of time. Those who want to test its functionality and see how it works can just download it and back up their data now!

Price: Free (for a limited time period and the premium version will be available soon at $2.99)

Rating: 4/5

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