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Voice Assist – Stay Connected Safely While You Drive

Are you risking your life by using a mobile while you drive? Would you like to have a device that can act as you command, helping you avoid fidgeting with your phone while you are at the wheel? Here is an app named Voice Assist that listens to your command and reacts to it. Be safe while you are driving with the help of this app.


About the app:

Voice Assist is an Android app which offers a hands-free solution. Voice Assist helps you in sending and receiving messages, emails and even posts to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It also lets you make calls with the help of your voice.

Working of the app:

Voice Assist is a very simple app to handle. As you get into your Voice Assist service, you are asked for what you would like to do, to which you can reply orally. ‘Dial by name’ is a feature that helps you make calls by just saying “call” followed by the person’s contact name. Eg: Call Sam.


An interesting and innovative feature of Voice Assist is its ‘voice text messages’. The app dictates the text messages which you receive along with the person’s name! Isn’t that really cool and convenient? What’s more, you can reply by just saying “text” followed by the contact’s name; the app records your message and sends it when you say “send”. ‘Voice to email’ is a feature that helps you in sending and receiving emails in a similar manner. You can also forward the mail by saying “read my mail” followed by the mail to be forwarded and the person’s name. An additional special feature in Voice Assist is you can post to your Facebook or Twitter accounts too.

‘Sync contacts’ is an exciting feature that lets you sync your address book with Voice Assist. The help option provides you with the details of the service and tells you how to get started with it. It lets you know how to link with your email, Facebook and Twitter accounts etc.

Voice Assist is the best voice control app which helps in making your drive more safe. There is no need of touching or even having a glance at your mobile, as everything can be done just by voices. I faced a few problems while installing the app and this issue has to be rectified. Otherwise, this is a very helpful app on the whole.

Voice Assist is a free app which requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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