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Rhapsody – Enjoy the Fever of Music

For all you music lovers, here’s one more app that you can make use of, that will keep music streaming to you mobile forever and always the way that you like it. Listen to tonnes and tonnes of music on a day for a very low monthly price, however, things do sound a little better for the new customers for they might even avail of the service for free. 🙂 now that is good news.


Well it gets better, are you a member of America’s #1 online music ??, then what are you waiting for, just download the app and start streaming in to the music of you choice, and continue to keep those ears buzzing with Shania Twain and Akon…. As I keep writing the app just gets better and better…, at ‘Rhapsody’ you can stream over 11 million songs.

Besides this the app also allows you to download playlist to your device, so you can have a collection of your own and listen to your favorites there instead of streaming all the time, so save your battery as well as your money as you enjoy. Continue to listen to your favorite music when you work on other apps as well.

So to get started, you’ll need to have a Rhapsody subscription, and to stream music you’ll need an active Internet connection, well if you want to listen to music off line you’ll have to download the music to your device. Well this is it and things will never get any better. Have fun with ‘Rhapsody ‘ on your app list.

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