Sakura Pro Live Helps You Add Colors to Your Droid

Are you in search of a pleasant looking Wallpaper, well I’ve got just the thing you need. “Sakura Pro Live” is the best wallpaper app that you have ever seen. The scene portrayed is absolutely serene  and it  lifts up your spirits with joy. When ever I feel stressed, I just sit gazing at my mobiles display, and all of a sudden I notice that I’m much more at ease.


As you can see, the app has a wonderful background with pale shades like pink and lavender that are so pleasing to the eye. The pretty white flowers in the picture,  have the tendency to gently fall of the tree with the leaves shedding itself as well making the sight look so magical. The app has 10 themes and 10 colors that you can choose from with flowers that can be given 10 different petal colors, this gives you the opportunity to visualize the lovely scenes that you can expect to flow through the background of your mobile.

Why stop with that when you can literally paint your picture by your self, well you have the authority to decide even on the number of leaves that you want to fall of the tree. You could also change the speed of the leaves falling off the tree, making it slower gives you a better feeling though in my opinion, but the choice is yours.

Then there is more, you can change the type of leaves that are falling, along with the direction of acceleration that you desire, whether you want it to fall rotating to the left or rotating to the right is again your choice. The best feature which I adore is when you could add the moon to the scene, oh! I just love that, then there are also many other features like the Seed effect option,  Parallax effect option for your background image,  Touching of the leaves to repel them, and some more .So if you want to experience this peace of mind and feel the bliss of going through these scenes, then this is a app that you must have.

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