Scanner Buddy App Review

Well we all know how it feels to be stuck in traffic, well its an experience that I hate and I have to face atleast once a day, and its worse if its on my way to work. Oh!! that’s awful and it ruins the whole day all together.


I do tune into radio stations when I drive, just to make sure that I don’t find myself in a soup. But to my surprise no matter how much I try to dodge traffic, I find myself standing in traffic amidst 100’s of cars. The feeling is absolutely frustrating, I go to work with an aching head most of the time all added on with the noise from honking cars. Well one of the reasons I might add is that the information received is a little too late, I get the news that there are a pile of cars on so and so street when I’m already on that street. The information received is a little too late.

The frustration lead me to hunt for a travel app, and I found “Scanner Buddy”. “Scanner Buddy” is an app that’s very simple and easy to use, the app works by getting feeds from different radio frequencies of public safety agencies. The app gives you details of traffic in the area. The frequencies are given to you based on country, state and city, so you can break it down to the closest area that you choose using the choice of setting used. That’s about all you just tap on play and the information starts flowing in and to stop just tap on the same icon on the left which helped you to start . Then if your looking for information from your local area all you need to do is tap on GPS.

This is the most simple and efficient travel app that you could use. It keeps you out of trouble and your blood pressure down.

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