School Diary – Create Better Communication Between Parents and Teachers

School Diary is an app designed to make communications between parents and teachers go paperless. It’s a fully-functional app designed to take care of notes, appointments, and direct communications for parents as well as give teachers direct access to parents when they need to be reached most. Between its advanced messaging features, MMS features for mobile connections, picture sharing and chat, School Diary is a great way for parents and teachers to keep each other “in the loop” when it comes to focusing on their children’s education.

      A free app                                                School Diary - Android App

  • School Diary makes use of a calendar function as the base for communications
  • Calendar allows for important dates to be saved for school days, parent/teacher conferences, sales and school functions, and other needed dates
  • App allows parents and teachers to connect to each other directly
  • Teachers can take advantage of the app’s functions to stay in touch at set times or throughout the day
  • Uses multiple messaging methods to ensure that parents are on the same page as teachers when it comes to a child’s education

Teachers can send messages in case something needs a parent’s attention, or even send a picture of something great their child did at school. Because of the strength of School Diary’s messaging app, teachers can not only send pre-programmed messages to all parents for special events as well as add them to the calendar to make life more convenient while keeping parents informed at all stages of the semester or the year. This app handles everything from scheduling appointments to even allowing parents to know what’s for lunch today.

Verdict: School Diary is a very complete communications app, and is very effective at ensuring that both parents and teachers are on the same page when it comes to the education of children.

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