Shape Puzzle App Review

This is one of those many apps that are welcomed with open hands by parents and children alike. This is an app in which learning and enjoyment go hand in hand. Kids would love this app, for besides the bright colors in the pictures, they even get to view different scenes, like one with animals, another with fruits, and some on veggies, transport, geometric figures, numbers, letters and more. With colorful pictures and interesting scenes, there no doubt that your kids would love it.


When you want to make a choice on the scene that’s displayed, all you need to do is tap on it and a picture with the puzzle would show up. All your little baby has to do is drag and tap the right pieces and place them on the picture. And boom, you have your picture!

This is a very interesting and fun game for kids. My two year old and my seven year old just love it. This game has also gotten him to learn the names of animals and the first four letters of the alphabet. Well, I’m very proud of him and ‘Shape Puzzle’ helped me do it. Thanks to its developers, I’m really looking forward to see some more apps like these.

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