Shopkick App Review

‘Shopkick’ seems to be the app on everyone’s mobile, including mine. The app has earned a lot of favor in the eyes of its users. With the use of the app, shopping that was already great has become even better. Before it was just entering into a store, looking through different brands of the product that you need, making a choice and walking up to the counter.


It used to be fun, when I was a kid helping mum to get things around in the trolley, but now its more like a daily routine, except when I’m shopping for shoes or bags and stuff. With ‘Shopkick’ as my new found buddy, I take more time exploring new products in the store. And as I do that I even earn “kickbucks” and “gift cards” and so on. Once I have saved up a lot of kickbucks, say as far as 500, I get rewarded with $2 that I could spend on my rewards or I could use for charity.

If it’s getting a little confusing, I’ll explain it out to you. Well you need to turn on your app when you walk into the store, there are a few stores where, just by walking into it you earn a few kickbucks. For example, when you walk into “Best Buy” you could collect 75 kickbucks, just by walking into the store. Then there is another easy way, which is by clicking on bubbles on the app its self and you could earn a few kickbucks. Then you could also take a picture of the bar code of standard items like “Kodak Printers” and things like that, by scanning these items it would automatically register and give you kickbucks.

Now that you have earned you self a few kickbucks, you could spend it by tapping on reward and a screen would pop up which shows you all the items that you could spend them on. Depending on the number of kickbucks that you have saved, the items on the screen would be either green or grey. The green rewards are the ones that you qualify for and the grey…, well you have to save some more to access that.

Well depending on your choice you could spend your kick bucks, and there’s also charity, where you get to help people out by donating the kickbucks that you have, which would be changed into real money. Besides this you could work you levels up which will also help you earn more kickbucks and there are also bubbles with stars that you could click on and also win bonuses. So have fun shopping with “ShopKick”.

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