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Bidween is a great Android mobile app that gives sellers and buyers a platform to meet and trade. It is actually among the few mobile app platforms that are making online shopping a reality. The app has been optimized to give both sellers and buyers an easy experience courtesy of the user-friendly interface. For any shopping enthusiasts and even sellers Bidween is the ultimate Android app that will take trade to the next level. Imagine meeting a whole lot of sellers and buyers all in one convenient place, your mobile!

How it works

For sellers, you first need to register. Then, indicate the product you want to sell by choosing the right category. Second, fill in the necessary specifications of your item. Make sure you give as detailed information as possible to help customers make a choice. After that, you will receive notifications and then it’s up to you to negotiating with the potential buyer before striking a deal.

For buyers, it is quite simple. Browse the nearby catalogue for the item you want to buy. There are several filters that will help you get the exact item you want to buy. Then, send a requisition to the seller and there you go! The seller receives your requisition instantly and they will respond with price quotes.


(i) The best deals

Bidween offers a variety of merchandise and brands in the various categories. These categories include cars, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and so on. You also get to choose from a variety of brands from different sellers. The prices are good and you also get the chance to bargain.

(ii) Build your network

Bidween gives you the exclusive opportunity to build yourself as a seller and get rankings from customers who have bought from you. The better your deals, the bigger you grow!

(iii) Instant Notifications

On Bidween, everything is in real time. Sellers and buyers get instant notifications concerning the seller/buyer negotiations once either parties responds.

(iv) Location shopping

Using the location feature, you can send price quotes to any geographical location with in your neighborhood or the entire North America. With this tool, you can seal the best deal with in your neighborhood.

(v)Track interactions

The app has several tools that help you track interactions quite easily. It has Inbox’, Requests’ and Products’ features.


The Bidween app is a great mobile app that gives sellers and buyers an avenue to interact easily. Here, sellers can meet buyers fast and more conveniently. There is variety and prices are awesome! The app is absolutely free and amazing enough, you get $3 free credits for just installing the app. Bidween guarantees user privacy, so you don’t need to worry about your information. Get it today, sell and buy the easy way!

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