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Redeemer Concept

As of 2020, close to 3 million apps have graced the Google PlayStore, making it the planet’s largest source of all the best games and applications in general. Within this vast ocean, there are thousands of great app deals, limited time offers, discounts, and more that pass you by because it is inhumanly possible to keep up with a store that never stops giving. Don’t get left behind when mouth-watering deals hit the markets, be in the know before all your friends with the Redeemer app! You’ll get a front-row seat to all the enticing offers well ahead of deadlines, and you’ll save a great deal of time, and money, by taking advantage of these deals before time runs out!


The Redeemer is available on the Google PlayStore. You can use the free version or opt for the paid app to unlock more features. Generally, you can expect the following from Redeemer:


  • Stay ahead with limited-sale notifications that keep you informed every day
  • Be privy to unique promo codes for all your favorite apps
  • Assured authenticity of deals thanks to doublechecking measures that ensure the legitimacy
  • Filtered lists that bring together all you need to know about app deals
  • Find out about the game of the day/month offers. Redeemer also features a daily app of the day so you can know which apps to turn your attention to
  • Use Redeemer any time of day with light and dark theme options
  • A convenient interface to ensure a well-organized detail of apps for easy searches


How the app works

Install the app and claim your free offers and discounts straight away! The homepage is split into promo code offers, apps free for a limited time, apps on discount for a limited time, recommended apps, and highlights. You can scroll each category and install the apps in question with the highlight section featuring the apps and games of the day and month. Toggle the slider at the bottom to switch between dark and light themes.

Why Redeemer is not like your ordinary promotional codes app 

First of all, most promo code apps rarely go through the trouble of rummaging through the haystack that is the PlayStore for no fee at all. Redeemer does that for you at no charge. You get access to so many discounted, time-limited free apps, although you can opt for the paid version to unlock more features such as long-press delete of apps and horizontal list views. What’s more, the promo codes on Redeemer are doublechecked to ensure they work. The super-organized app layout also makes it so easy to go through all the latest deals!

Download Redeemer and take advantage of the best app offers!


Price: FREE


Download from Android Market

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