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App concept

Shoclef creates a worldwide network that encompasses real-time and online personal shopping and gives access to countless goods/services and buyers/sellers. It affords an artificially intelligent AR platform where people from across the globe can interact without having to leave the comfort of their homes. In essence, the app seeks to create an interactive shopping arena where people can shop and also carve out decent profits.

Shoclef incorporates the following online shopping profiles:

Personal shopper: here, you are essentially the bridge between products and buyers who could be halfway around the world. You earn $ 0.20 per minute of being live with buyers and can connect with many shoppers simultaneously. No deposits are needed as you can interact with a zero balance though you need to stipulate the price range for your potential buyers.

Business account: This is suited for businesses and connects you to sellers whilst incorporating the same earning strategy as the one before it. However, you’ll need to pay 20 % of your final sale total to Shoclef as promotional costs.

Service provider: It is tailored for individuals, business or organizations whose primary objective is service provision or consultancy. Unlike the first two, the providers can charge any amount they so wish over a minute-long real-time interaction with clients however they’ll need to pay a 50 % promotional charge and can only connect with a single user at a time due to privacy concerns. (NB: Licensing proof is required for this profile)

Player: The player is someone who performs live shows or makes videos on a variety of activities involving himself or others. Players can offer their content at cost or free of charge although Shoclef advocates for the latter until the player reaches a following of 10,000. Earnings are then accrued depending on the number of followers.

Observer: For this profile, you watch a player, personal shopper or business for half a minute incognito and as much as you like for free player shows. The observer can nonetheless opt to tip or pay player charges.

How Shoclef works
After installing the app and registration, you can choose from any of the profiles highlighted above depending on what you want to do for that day. Afterward, you can view the news feed to find any relevant information and interact with friends whose location are depicted on a worldwide map. Once you find what you want, you can connect with them to initiate the deal however you need to have a balance that matches the seller’s asking price to engage.

What makes it stand out from the rest?
While there are a number of apps that’ll make your shopping routine a little bit easier, no one will afford you a means of earning a few extra bucks in the process. And that’s exactly what sets Shoclef apart alongside its ability to carry out live shopping remotely, securely, and reliably through trusted third parties.

Price:  Free 

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