Shopping List: Grocery Shopping Made Easy and Hassle-Free

Writing down a shopping list has always been and always will be a practical way to get you through grocery shopping. Nonetheless, writing each item down on a piece of paper every time you do so could prove to be nothing more than a hassle, especially in these modern times when there are more viable and convenient tools that you can use for the purpose. One of these is Shopping List, an app that is virtually just that: a digital shopping list that you can easily access and utilize for all your trips to the supermarket. 

Once you launch it, the app wastes no time in presenting you with an overview of its general functionality. It is essentially divided into two parts: the Catalog and Shopping. In Catalog, as can be readily perused from its name, the common items you usually shop for are categorized into a total of five labels, namely: Grocery’s, Pastry, Baker’s, Vegetables, and Fish. 

The items that are included in every category are comprehensive and complete, to say the least. The app developer really took the time to include pretty much any type of grocery or supermarket item people normally shop for on a daily basis. From dairy products and canned goods to different kinds of vegetables, meat, bread, and cakes, it doesn’t take long for a first-time user to realize that the catalog is vast (there are at least 8,000 items in the database, as attested by the developer’s statement in the app’s description). 

Once you tap on a single item, you are then allowed to set parameters such as price, quantity, and notes. If you input the price, it would automatically be converted to local currency and its total would be multiplied with the quantity that you’ve set. You can adjust the quantity of the item easily by holding your finger over the digital + and – signs that are included in the field. You may even upload an image of the item (the brand that you like, for instance) for future reference and long-term use by tapping on the pen editing icon. 

With all the items you intend to purchase set, you may now tap on the shopping cart icon located on the upper-right portion of the main interface. It would provide you with an overview of every item that you’ve inputted, together with its quantity and price. By tapping on the Check icon, you confirm that everything has been accounted for and you are ready for checkout. Afterwards, everything will be reset and your list will be placed in history. Otherwise, you can choose to share your list first in various supported third-party apps. 

Shopping List, when compared to other apps of its kind, certainly stands out with its large catalog of products, ability to set quantity and price, as well as the ability to add images to every item you like. It really serves as a digital shopping list that has everything laid out for you in such a way that you would definitely find it extremely useful for consistent, long-term use.


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