ShopSavvy App review

No longer will I have to say, “I’ve been ripped off.” Yes for shopping has become so simple with “ShopSavvy”. There’s no more need to be juggling from store to store, in search of the right product with the right price. I no longer haver to wait for friends to direct me to a store, or come help me out when I’m trying to buy something that I haven’t bought before, all I need to do is look things up in “ShopSavvy.”


Well the app is very simple and easy to use with a lot of merits attached to it. When you get into the app first you need to scan the bar code of the product that you desire to buy, this is done by holding your phone still till the image is pictured through your camera on your phone. Then prices of both local and the ones on the web would appear on your phone, make your choice, if its the web you want to look into tap on web and a number of options would turn up, if you tap on anyone of them, it would take you to the web where you can browse for details, you could also send the required information to your mail as well.

If you tap on local, it would show you the telephone number of your local store and the map to the store that you could get in contact with. If you would like to know more on the product you could also look up product reviews, to get opinions from others on what your venturing to buy. Then there’s a wish list that you could always save your purchase plans on, where you could refer later. The app is very efficient, you have all the information that you need on something that you are planing to buy just in one go. There’s no more confusion and hesitation, once you’ve made your choice all you have to do is buy. Shopping becomes a lot easier, and reliable with “ShopSavvy”

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