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I am a person who works a lot on social networking sites and my job gets very tedious when I am not able to understand a word on the given page. This can make my day very frustrating. I really rejoice when I get a client who makes we work on a page in my native language. Those are the days that are stress-free. When it comes to my job, I have got to be perfect or “get prepared to be sacked” as my boss says when someone falls out of line. 😉 That’s a statement I wouldn’t want to hear from him. So, other than the usual solutions I turn to, I was looking for something that can give me precise translations to help me get my work done faster and easier. That’s when a friend of mine introduced me to Flitto. Now all I do is copy, paste and Flitto it, and voila! I get my translation. 🙂

Flitto is a fast and accurate translation app that offers translations for the 17 different languages the app supports. This includes English, Spanish, French, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Arabic, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Thai, and Turkish.

                   Flitto for Android                       Android Flitto App

How do you use the app?

You can use Flitto to ask for translations by uploading a text, taking a picture and uploading the image, or even recording to the app. All the translations done on Flitto are by its users and they are quick and accurate as well. This is the first time I am experiencing this and it’s real cool. Most of the time when I look for translations I get stuff that’s generic and not up to the mark, but with Flitto my translations are personalized. 🙂

Besides helping yourself, the app can also be used to help other people as well. There are many others out there who look for translations, and you can help them out on Flitto if you are familiar with the language they are looking for. On Flitto, I try to help out as many people as I can with the French I learned when I was in college. I translate texts, images and voice recordings, and now I have earned points. I usually exchange my points over the weekend and earn money which I sometimes donate to charity or shop with on the Flitto store. Yeah, you can also shop on the Flitto Store with the money you earn, and the stuff you will find there is real cool too!

Most of the translation requests that come my way are for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Weibo posts of pop stars that the teenage folk are crazy about. Besides this, there are a few requests on web comics and fan art that come my way. But I am sure there’s a lot more that people like to translate than just comics and FB posts. Besides these features, you could also use the app to interact with other Flitto users and make friends with those who help you out frequently. I have a friend named Sarah who helps me out with my translations.

I have heard that the app has created quite a buzz and many celebrities are talking about it as well.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5

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