Best Facebook Status & Quotes App Review

Thousands of Facebook Status and Quotes for Every Occasion and Situation 

Can’t find the exact, appropriate words to express your mood and thoughts on Facebook? Indeed, not all of us have a way with words, while others simply do not have the time to invest thinking and typing out their Facebook status. This is why if you have been meaning to find an app that would help you with your daily Facebook status updates and shield yourself from many a Facebook faux pas, then you should look no further than Best Facebook Status & Quotes.

More than 4000+ facebook status and quotes for free

That the app offers close to 40,000+ Facebook status and quotes is a testament of how comprehensive and expansive its content is. And, if you’re worried that the status won’t fit your style or personality, don’t, because its developers are constantly researching the latest trends that each status is based on. They, in turn, introduce them consistently through regular app updates.

Upon launching the app, the user is greeted with a simple Facebook-style welcome page with a Start button and instructions on how to copy and paste each status that he chooses onto his Facebook account Update Status widget. You need only to choose the category then click it to go to the status list. Each status is marked by the Facebook logo, which you can click to copy the said quote or passage and paste it onto your Facebook account. Each status and quote are arranged alphabetically and deal with an eclectic selection of everyday topics ranging from emotions, occasions, situations, holidays, etc.                                                      collections of status and quotes

There are literally hundreds of status to choose from in each category, so much so that we are confident that you would always find the right status that would catch your fancy every time. The app essentially compiles popular sayings and quotes that people would normally have to scour the web or wrack their brains for.

In the Birthday category, for instance, there are quotes that call to mind the tender and heartfelt messages that Hallmark cards are wont to impart to their readers. But, if this just isn’t your preference, know that there are also quotes, which are delivered in a witty and tongue-in-cheek manner as well.

And, it is this comprehensiveness which serves to highlight the app in its entirety. Very few apps could ever boast of providing their users with such an astounding collection of quotes and status, which could suit the tastes of people of various tastes and personalities. Many apps of its kind (50000 Status Quotes Collection and Status Shuffle, to name few) may share similar quotes and categories, but without a doubt, Best Facebook Status & Quotes has categories and content that it could proudly call its own.


Price: Free

Rating: 4.6/5

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