Brigge App – ‘Social’ is now Real!

Let’s find out what the new app, Brigge is all about?

The description on the developer’s site says:

“Brigge – REAL Social Network. We’re putting the social back in social networks.”

The description is a little vague until you discover how the app works.

A little investigation revealed the following features of the app:

• Post registration, users can browse through various outdoor activities listed under 18 broad categories (such as Photography, Running, Community, Culture and Technology)
• On finding the activity of interest, users can communicate and plan an event with others interested in the same activity
• Users can create their own activities and invite other like-minded people to join it

In essence, the app is enabling users to find people with shared interests with whom they can plan and participate in leisure outdoor activities.

As per reviews and comments, more and more people are planning activities such as early morning jogs, heritage walks and teaching underprivileged children among others.

The app seems to be great in its design and conception. With over 50,000 users already networking and participating in outdoor activities, Brigge seems to have taken the fancy of many people.

But is it safe, and private?

Well, the developers are confident about the security aspect of the app. One of the founders even stated that the app is at par with the world’s top social media apps in design and security features.


Also, Brigge team has mentioned that they are working on Groups feature, it will enable users to form trusted and private communities.

Groups like Apartment communities, College classmates or alumni, Corporate teams and departments, neighbourhood associations, extended families and friends can be benefit from the Brigge groups.

The app seems to have a decent interface and is fairly convenient to use. It is available free of cost on Google Play Store. The app features Timeline of activities, which helps users in checking previous outings of other users. Brigge Feed and Real-time push notifications, further makes it convenient for the users to check updates and messages on the go.

Overall, the app itself is a simple social networking platform, but what it enables is quite unique and powerful. We hope that the developers will keep coming with new and exciting features to make the app more fun and secure.

Price: Free

Download from Android Market

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