CamerLender: Crowd Lending Service that Offers Better Viewer Immersion through Smartphone Cameras

The possibility of accessing another person’s mobile phone (with full consent, of course) and seeing what is really going on in the locale where it is being operated is exciting enough as it is. What more if it is presented in an app platform where you can make specific tasks that revolve around the said concept and reward their doers with the appropriate compensation?

This is practically what you can do with CamerLender, as it is basically a crow-sourcing platform that makes it possible for you to hire people to do specific tasks for you or vice versa. The remuneration comes in the form of virtual credits, which are practically what allows you to make use of the app’s task assignment feature.

This capability is basically applicable in numerous scenarios and adds that much-needed firsthand view or experience of virtually anything, anyone, or anyplace. For one, if you really want to verify whether a room or hotel you intend to stay in is exactly as described then this app would certainly be able to help you confirm it. It can even be used as a safety measure to deter potential home break-ins, especially if you have to leave your apartment or house for a long time. These are but some of the activities that this app allows you to do.

The app makes good use of Google Maps for its users as it accurately pinpoints the exact location that each task is made. Its scope is global, to say the least, as you can easily browse through different countries and see the tasks that are available in them. If you click on a specific task, you’ll see the exact details in them, whether it’s the potential points you can earn from it, the bonus, exact direction (as referenced by longitude and latitude) and others.

You can effectively zoom in to see the exact location of the task, as depicted in great detail by Google Maps. You can choose the media type that you want to receive (image or video), as well as set the specific light conditions that you like (do you want to view a scene during sunset or night, for instance?). That being said, pretty much any kind of preference can be met by this app.

CamerLender’s versatility when it comes to overall usage is technically what really sets it apart from other apps that offer a semblance of the same technology. Its focus on camera-lending is also unprecedented and pretty much heralds a new era in crowd lending and sourcing between smartphone users worldwide.

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