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Concept of the app

Collabr is the latest and biggest social media network for creatives and artists! If you’re passionate about painting, singing, among a whole other range of creative talent or skill, then Collabr has your name written all over it. Additionally, this funky app is also for the director in search of skilled actors, the indie filmmaker looking for a talented screenplay writer, and basically anyone with a need for exceptional skill or talent. From video editors to potters, Collabr is for anyone who creates and appreciates art!

App Features

Need to find inspiration for your creative block? Is it a new gig you’re looking for? Perhaps, increasing your fanbase and influence is what matters to you at the moment. Collabr helps Collabr helps artists, and art-seekers or lovers, in the following ways:

  • Work portfolio: You certainly have a couple of proud moments in your career or artistic journey. Make your highlights known by uploading a strength-based portfolio to win over new clients or fans
  • Distance filter: Great talent to partner with can be hard to come by. Collabr makes it easy to find creatives near you for utmost convenience 
  • Custom collaboration: Looking for a pianist, guitarist, or graphic designer? With Collabr’s skill-based search system, it’s easy to locate the exact type of creator you need!
  • Private messaging: Found a creative you’d like to get to know better for your project? Send them a collab request to kickstart the adventure! 

How Collabr works 

Collabr allows you to upload your best videos or images, enabling you to create an amazing work portfolio to increase your followers and create new partnerships or work opportunities. Upload your best samples and highlight to an international community, where your next big break might just be waiting around the corner! You can look up fellow artists by their unique hashtags describing their niche, and also through geolocation features to find people close to you. 

Why Collabr app is head and shoulders above the rest  

An app for creators and by creators, Collabr is bringing a new concept to creative social media networking, curating passion and talent into a tight-knight international group that caters to all types of artists whether big or small. By leveling the playfield, Collabr allows all types of artists to flourish, and make a name for themselves. The Collabr geo-location collaboration feature has to be among the standout aspects of the app. It’s really cool how you can bump into a creative right next door!

All in all, Collabr is perfect for art enthusiasts, creatives, and clients looking for talent for their projects. Download today to be part of an exciting international art community!

Price: FREE

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Final Thoughts

Overall Score 4.8

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